Direct Mail in the New Year? Act Now!

Did you know postal rates go up January 26th?  We expect an influx of people who wanted to do direct mail in December but didn’t get around to it.  If that’s you, please contact us early!  Don’t be left out!

The prices are going up for first class letters from .46 to .49 cents, which is a big jump.

But, as many of you know, we offer mailing services so we can take advantage of better rates when you mail larger quantities.  For example, presorted first class and bulk rate letters are going up just over .02 per piece, small postcards are going up just over a penny, and bar coded letters and flats are increasing by like amounts, so you really can save by using our mailing services.

Need more info?  You know who to call!

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Back to School

Yes, in just a few weeks, the kids will be back in school.  Why does that matter to your small business?  All your customers will be back from summer vacation and ready for your services.

Don’t let them forget you!  We do business cards, door hangers, and all sorts of mailings (postcards, envelopes, etc).  Your customer list is a precious asset, make the most of it this fall, ask us how.  Advice is always free!

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Email to advertise?

I’m fast.  How fast are you?  How fast can you delete of a bunch of email? For me, it’s seconds.  I often don’t even read them first, sorry to say. Am I your customer? If so, I just deleted your email!

It’s easy to get lost in a flood of 500 emails or get filtered out as spam, but most people only get a handful of mail every day, six days a week. Handing out printed material at networking events is even better!

Nielsen ratings have shown that the average reader spends seconds reading an email, IF they read it. But a letter or card in the mail gets at least a few minutes.

Yes, I know email is free, but then (and I KNOW you’ve heard this before), you’re getting every penny of what you’ve paid for.

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It’s EASY being GREEN

Really, printers can be green!  Here’s how Sir Speedy Roseville reduces our impact on the environment:

* We offer post-consumer waste paper product options

* We use only low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) inks and wash-up products

* We carefully use and recapture of cleaning liquids and materials

* We recycle our paper! All types of paper and boxes go in our special recycling bins (look for the blue bins along side our building), plus we donate old paper and trim scraps to local non-profits

* We reduce our carbon footprint:  We group our deliveries and pickups as much possible with pre-planning

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