Print Job Advice

PDF is Preferred: Printers prefer that you send your content for print in PDF format because it’s a snapshot of the document and there’s no chance for changes in transit.  The latest Microsoft Office products and most Apple products have a PDF print driver built in.  If yours does not, try creating a high quality .jpg file.

Create files “to size”: Anything you bring to us in PDF format should be created in the size you want the final product.  Don’t worry about putting 4 on a page, we do that with our professional software and it always works better than the designing software.

Does your document “bleed”? This is not a first aid question!  If you want your document’s colors to continue off the edge of the page, you’ll need to set it up to be a bit bigger, then we cut it to size.  ONLY the background should be bigger, make sure your actual content (words, pictures, etc) are well inside the final edges of the document and that you’ve left a margin that will look good.  For example, a business card is 3.5 inches by 2 inches.  Your content should be inside 3.125 x 1.625 inches, but if you want the background to “bleed” the background would need to be at least 3.8 x 2.4 inches.

A professional is not that expensive: Frankly, documents you create will almost never be as professional looking unless they were created by, well, a professional.  We have a designer who’s very experienced and not very expensive.  We can use what you already have and give it a professional touch, and we’re happy to give you an estimate, just give us a call.